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Should the boys ever strip off completely which they don'tthe place would probably be full of gay men, not women. Is he bored now? When the curtain goes up and the boys appear in neon thongs, ripping off vests as flimsy as tissue paper, the screeches get higher still, the atmosphere more frenetic. The Chippendales are slick, buff and driving women wild — but don't call them strippers Fresh from a sell-out visit to Britain, the Chippendales ask Celia Walden to dispel some myths about sex, stripping and baby oil. Some of the best looking guys with nice bodies tend to be the most fucked-up with major issues. He told this to QVegas magazine nearly two months ago. But with nine months a year spent on the road, and relationships difficult to maintain, there must be a lot of promiscuity.

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He thinks about it briefly.

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Some of the heavier audience members are standing up and balling out "get your freak out" whatever that meanswhile others — like those Japanese tourists for whom pieces of art are only of value as experiences to be shown off later on film — flash away with their camera phones as soon as a hint of burnished buttock is bared. The cosmopolitan male may be intrigued on a strictly scientific level, but women "of every age, from every walk of life", says Kevin, "are the ones the show is engineered to appeal to. In one two-hour performance the boys — some of whom have regular seven-night-a-week gigs in Las Vegas — will manage 16 costume changes and more acrobatics than seems sensible for men of their girth and stature. Having spent a day with nine members of the fabled, strong male "dancing" troupe which started out 30 years ago as a nightclub act in New York City and was named after founder Steve Merritt's partiality to Chippendale furniture, I can confirm that this last part, at least, is true. You know absolutely nothing about him other than that he has a pretty face and a nice body.

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He was on The Amazing Race actually he was on twice and was out on both times. The boys themselves admit to a similar feeling of flatness once it's all over. Being a hunk as a role model, instead of a nelly queen would give these kids the edge in dealing with homophobia! He thinks about it briefly. There is a four minute break where I run to Burger King, they give me my chicken sandwich and I run back in time to sing my next song. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. It WAS news back then.

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