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And he clearly likes girls. The Early History of Modern Computing: Sometime in my early teens I discovered the boxes of old paperbacks my father kept in the basement. The premise is thus rather utopian. And I suppose you could also trace clever-servant stories back to Roman comedy. What I object to is an unconsidered ick.

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Philosophy, Ontics or Toothpaste for the Mind.

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Bill Benzon on Objects and Graeber's Debt. Philosophy, Ontics or Toothpaste for the Mind. Taken together, the two add up to some version of an ideal middle-class male living in an economic utopia. Bill Benzon on That Shakespeare Thing. As de Stael puts it, the English have no gaiety - they have no Moliere.

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To be fair, I re-examined a few Jeeves and Wooster novels myself to try out both man-child and queer readings more actively. Not only wrong, but more than wrong: However, it does have a handful of characters who intervene in the boy-meets-girl stories and attempt to bring them to good ends. JoseAngel on Objects and Graeber's Debt. And Wodehouse telegraphs that to us in the language he uses to send Bertie on that bike ride: Bill, your comments would be a lot easier to take seriously if you had ever read any Wodehouse. And the Holmes stories are about a breech in the social fabric a crime has been committed and the reasoning needed to resolve it.

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