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I look forward to seeing how well you can serve me. Forget about everything else for now. And while you have control, you might think back to a time when you were under hypnosis, when your entire world was just pleasure and obedience. Play for me as you finally and completely surrender your body and your mind to me. His job of spreading the infection. Someone whose words you can follow, accept, and be completely entranced by.

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He was just watching as his Owner stripped him and enjoyed his body.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Deep and hard everytime. Feel your thoughts melt away. It feel so good to obey and see every pictures of cocks, feets and gay facesittings. All you have to do is read. Each beat of his heart as so relaxing. Your Piano playing has come a long way from when we first started working together. Just reading, feeling calm.

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I will now completly submit to his will. Someone who you can serve, obey, and completely surrender your mind and body to. He had entered the subway station dressed for his banking job. Less worries, more obedience. Feel yourself let go.

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