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Bar patronage was significantly different among men, with gay men reporting particularly frequent bar patronage. I was 13 the first time I smoked a cigarette. Analysis All analyses were conducted separately by gender. After developing crushes on nearly all my male friends, I began spending more time with a mid-'90s version of a bad-girl squad. The unadjusted odds ratios calculated by a series of simple logistic regressions with only the dependent variables and sexual identity as the predictor for each group relative to exclusively heterosexual women were as follows: Skip to main content.

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The American Psychological Association and its Council of Editors disclaim any responsibility or liabilities for errors or omissions of this manuscript version, any version derived from this manuscript by NIH, or other third parties.

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LGBT History Month: Why are smoking rates higher in LGBT communities?

Findings from this study also underscore the importance of advancing population-based research that is inclusive of sexual orientation, particularly research that may foster a greater understanding of factors that may contribute to health disparities among sexual minority populations. Measures of sensation seeking and bar patronage were, as expected, significantly associated with tobacco smoking and marijuana use among both women and men. Bar Patronage As part of a scale that assesses the social contexts of alcohol use, respondents were asked how often they went to bars, taverns or cocktail lounges during the past year? Bar patronage and SSImp have independent and significant effects on both cigarette smoking and marijuana use. One size does not fit all:

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Marijuana use was significantly greater and tobacco use was elevated among gay men compared to heterosexual men. For years the tobacco industry has made efforts to appeal to LGBT consumers through things like targeted advertisements in LGBT presscigarette giveaways and free tobacco industry merchandise. The current data, while having the advantage of national representativeness and a probability sample, still have limitations. The odds ratios and confidence intervals for education, sensation seeking and bar-going are identical for both men and women where tobacco smoking is the dependent variable. Summary Health Statistics for U.

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