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They grew apart even further and contact became less and less. Thanks for including these touching situations in your list. The song also honors Michaels' cousin, a war-wounded Vietnam veteran. Let's Get It On Gaye built up a reputation as a love god, but his own private life was a mess. But I see these folks in our area, too. Years later, Fancy has grown from plain white trash to an astute businesswoman. With the still-unpaid taxes, the Government descended and locked him out of his own studio.

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Jan Gate reveals Ryan O'Neal sexually assaulted her as Marvin Gaye watched

Approximately homeless people die each year in the United States due to exposure to the elements. He is now married and lives in Richfield, Minnsesota. She is trapped in a deadly world of addiction and prostitution. Cousaert also fell out with Gaye. The subject of this metal song has lost their job and the power and prestige that came with it.

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He did the rounds of all his old friends, including Motown pals Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder, begging for cash for his next fix. Having lost his factory job when it closed and moved south, he's now looking for any kind of work to feed and clothe his family. This is used to prevent bots and spam. Gaye refused to take the stage tuition offered to all Motown artistssomething he later regretted. Shortly afterward he took off for Hawaii, where he invited Janis to visit. In this pop ballad, a cold, homeless woman cries as she beckons a stranger for help.