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Most visitors venture to Santa Fe for its abundance of art and exquisite dining. So, for my birthday last year, my girlfriend Helen and I did just that. It began by decriminalising homosexuality inlegalised gay marriage in becoming country 8 to do soadoption in and in passed the Law of Gender Identityone of the most advanced trans-friendly laws in the world. My regards. This island is home to many hotels and resorts such as the famous Atlantis the Palm, and also houses a boardwalk, mall, clubs and lots of restaurants. If you had to pick just one continent for gay travel, Europe has to be the number one answer.

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In fact the GPS signal is completely independent from your internet connection.

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Japanese people are the kindest and most polite people we have ever met. Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany Image: Having all these bars in such close proximity makes for an amazing night out. Come here to feel well, inside and out.

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This is what has allowed it to evolve into the liberal haven it is today.

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