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Danielle John Johnson There is a 24 hour hotline. Perhaps the problem is deeper than harassment, as bad as that is, and has a connection to the institutionalized sort of life students experience in high school. As a gay adult, I have lived my life in the south, in the military, and around this country. Certainly, adults should reach out to teens too. A scholarship program to get these kids out of schools that refuse to act, how does that sound? The owner of the tattoo shop is very supportive.

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They arent real christians… As a christian, I love everyone.

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I dealt with all of this in school myself and had no support. I guess I kinda got out of touch with how much a problem anti-gay bullying still is. A scholarship program to get these kids out of schools that refuse to act, how does that sound? We need more and better anti-bullying programs in schools to prevent horrific tragedies like this. How we treat the weak, the children, and our elders speaks volumes as to our moral, ethical and societal stardards our lack thereof. But the minority has become much more vocal, because they have seen politicians, and religious groups demonize gay people publicly, with no consequences.

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So, some of the apparent increased rate is due to more accurate reporting. As a group we could fund this easily. If you want to donate, but feel kind or weary about sending it to a random tattoo shop you could send it to our school. Hada major fight with my parish priest as a teen Roman Catholic when he brought my resistance to confession home to my grandmother. Then again, when some of the bullies are the ones running the schools and the households of these poor kids, no wonder shit like this keeps happening. I just wish schools would be more supportive of the LBGT cause. I recently graduated high school, and saw two of my guy friends get bullied vastly and had to stop one from committing suicide.

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