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For the past two years, the "Twilight" stars have teased Movie Awards audiences with almost-kisses as they accepted their award. The kiss is on the front page of the MTV site: What I gather from public sources Taylor Lautner seems to keep his disdain for the franchise away from the general public's eye if he has one. Acting is becoming more appealing as a profession to straight men because of the amount of attention and pussy it gets them. For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit HollywoodCrush.

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He's such an irl troll, it's the most amusing part of Twilight.

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They're even adding Lee Pace in. He probably smells disgusting. That little whore Taylor better keep his mouth off my man!

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Be real, then it wont be so hard to get out at night with your men friends Robert, It doesn't change you as a human being.

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