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BoxPortland, TN ; Ph: Abbie McD. Ice cream, butter and rope making, spelling bee, washing clothes on a scrub board, picking goose feathers, youth fiddle competition, regional fiddlers, more. The actual number of projects engaged in by the campus community was 48; in addition, there were 25 alumni non sibi projects. Gordy is a retired dentist and lives in Pelican Cove, in Florida, where I have lived.

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One morning in early May, Tony Herrey was invited to the Andover campus to take part in a class discussion on the reunification of West and East Germany. He was appointed by President Pierce inspector of drugs in the custom house at Boston. Tyler's land, which he, Ela, hath bought by Samuel Geald at the pond meadow.

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He knew every drive for miles around the city, and no fine view or picturesque point escaped his notice.