Green Tea Information – 10 Facts You Can Rely On

Green tea information is certainly available.

A search of WebMD comes up with more than 3,000 research reports. These are from medical and scientific journals, often technical and hard to understand.

I did a recent Google search for the phrase “green tea” and 190 MILLION articles came up!

The challenge is to find articles that give you green tea information you can rely on. There’s a lot of exaggeration and half-true claims in those millions of articles. Here are 10 facts you should know, with no silly claims.

1. Green tea provides many health benefits. Research studies have reported evidence that it reduced the risk of esophageal cancer, improved the function of the cells lining the circulatory system, blocked the growth of abnormal blood clots, and many more promising results.2. These are mostly population studies — done in large groups of people who drink tea. While important evidence, they are not clinical trials, the kind where half the study group gets a drug and the other half gets a placebo (something with no health effects), and neither doctors nor patients know which they’re getting till the study is over.

3. The US Food and Drug Administration has refused to allow manufacturers to carry health claims on green tea packages, mostly because the clinical trials haven’t been done. But solid health benefits keep getting reported in medical journals — remember those 3,000 on WebMD!

4. Researchers at the University of Arizona are now working on three separate clinical trials with human volunteers to see if tea extract might prevent or treat cancer. The three diseases involved are cervical cancer, prostate cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung disease which affects millions.

5. The Arizona researchers are testing to see if the extract can reverse lung damage from COPD — something that no drug has ever been able to do.

6. You shouldn’t drink tea — or anything else — boiling hot. Drinking any very hot liquid regularly can actually damage your esophagus and make you susceptible to esophageal cancer. So give it a few minutes to cool a little!

7. Health experts generally agree that the benefits of tea come mostly from its natural polyphenols, especially a substance called EGCG. The green kind has much more EGCG than black tea.8. Tea contains a lot of fluoride, often more than is allowed in fluoridated water. Nobody knows whether this is cause for worry.

9. Tea extracts can concentrate EGCG and other antioxidants found in tea, without the fluoride.

10. EGCG works best in combination with other natural ingredients — like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, lutein and others.

I like green tea and drink it daily. But I also take a balanced supplement that contains green tea extract and many other ingredients working together to give me more energy than I’ve had in years.

There you have it: Green tea information you can rely on.