Are You Being Misled by Green Tea Information on the Web?

There is lots of green tea information on the Internet, and some of it can be misleading. People need to realize that there are no miracle pills. There are numerous micronutrients that are beneficial to our health, and most diets do not provide them. The catechins in green tea are just one of the micronutrients that we should try to include in our diets every day.

Because there are so many different nutrients and because of different tastes, supplementation is an inexpensive form of insurance. Most people don’t have the time to list the nutritional value of every piece of food that they put in their mouths every day. Even if they did, the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables is only an estimate. The actual amount will vary from one plant to the next.

Some of the green tea information published on the web makes it sound like catechins are the most potent antioxidants in nature. While they are very potent, they are not the most potent, and there are some that are just as potent. Besides, antioxidants address only one of the causes of cellular aging and age-related disease.Well, actually, they address two.

The five main causes of cellular aging are:

  • free radical damage
  • inflammation
  • glycation
  • inefficient methylation
  • DNA damage

Any of the first four contribute to DNA damage, which eventually causes the cell to turn cancerous or die. The catechins in green tea are antioxidants, so they address free radical damage. Something in the leaves of the plant has anti-inflammatory activity – presumably, that is also the catechins.

But glycation is just as hazardous to our health as free radical damage.

Glycation occurs when free floating protein molecules bind to glucose molecules. As the two bound molecules float through the bloodstream, they can become stuck to another protein molecule. This is, of course, a very simplified explanation. But when the three molecules become bound together, they are no longer useful to the body.

And as they degrade, they release compounds called AGEs. Advanced Glycation End-products (or AGEs) play a role in Alzheimer’s and other age related diseases. The green tea information that you read will most likely make no mention of the deleterious effects of AGEs, because the extract cannot address them.

The only compound know to inhibit glycation is carnosine. You don’t hear much about glycation, because there isn’t much you can do about it… and carnosine supplements are expensive. Inefficient methylation plays a role in heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, liver disease, and depression.Of course, this won’t be mentioned in most green tea information pieces, because catechins aren’t helpful for efficient methylation. Those compounds that do contribute to efficient methylation include the B vitamins, Betaine and SAM-e. Historically, healers used a variety of medicinal plants to help their patients. The green tea information that you will normally see includes the conditions for which the plants were normally used.

What you, as the consumer, need to know is that there are complete multi-nutritional supplements that are far more beneficial than any single extract.

Green Tea Information – 10 Facts You Can Rely On

Green tea information is certainly available.

A search of WebMD comes up with more than 3,000 research reports. These are from medical and scientific journals, often technical and hard to understand.

I did a recent Google search for the phrase “green tea” and 190 MILLION articles came up!

The challenge is to find articles that give you green tea information you can rely on. There’s a lot of exaggeration and half-true claims in those millions of articles. Here are 10 facts you should know, with no silly claims.

1. Green tea provides many health benefits. Research studies have reported evidence that it reduced the risk of esophageal cancer, improved the function of the cells lining the circulatory system, blocked the growth of abnormal blood clots, and many more promising results.2. These are mostly population studies — done in large groups of people who drink tea. While important evidence, they are not clinical trials, the kind where half the study group gets a drug and the other half gets a placebo (something with no health effects), and neither doctors nor patients know which they’re getting till the study is over.

3. The US Food and Drug Administration has refused to allow manufacturers to carry health claims on green tea packages, mostly because the clinical trials haven’t been done. But solid health benefits keep getting reported in medical journals — remember those 3,000 on WebMD!

4. Researchers at the University of Arizona are now working on three separate clinical trials with human volunteers to see if tea extract might prevent or treat cancer. The three diseases involved are cervical cancer, prostate cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a lung disease which affects millions.

5. The Arizona researchers are testing to see if the extract can reverse lung damage from COPD — something that no drug has ever been able to do.

6. You shouldn’t drink tea — or anything else — boiling hot. Drinking any very hot liquid regularly can actually damage your esophagus and make you susceptible to esophageal cancer. So give it a few minutes to cool a little!

7. Health experts generally agree that the benefits of tea come mostly from its natural polyphenols, especially a substance called EGCG. The green kind has much more EGCG than black tea.8. Tea contains a lot of fluoride, often more than is allowed in fluoridated water. Nobody knows whether this is cause for worry.

9. Tea extracts can concentrate EGCG and other antioxidants found in tea, without the fluoride.

10. EGCG works best in combination with other natural ingredients — like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, lutein and others.

I like green tea and drink it daily. But I also take a balanced supplement that contains green tea extract and many other ingredients working together to give me more energy than I’ve had in years.

There you have it: Green tea information you can rely on.

Know the Reliable Green Tea Information

Reliable green tea information is scarce. This is in spite of the fact that this herb is extensively used in many Asian countries especially in China for more than 5000 years. Only recently, extensive research is being undertaken to find out its health benefits. Otherwise it was considered as a beverage drink.

Any herb that is used as a beverage drink is called tea including flowers like rose, jasmine etc. However, the leaf from the plant camellia sinensis is only recognized as green tea. What kind of green tea information one should have? Since we are not scientists, the first and foremost information we would like to have is its health benefits followed by desired dosage and proper source to get the same.

While all the food we take has nutrition in it and also they have certain amount of antioxidant, many of the times they are not sufficient. This leads to poor immune system. What does that mean? The degeneration of cells in our body is much faster than normal. With the kind of lifestyle we have in the midst of polluted water, air and food the complications only compound and we end up leading a life full of diseases. Cancer, stroke, cardiac problems, cholesterol, arthritis etc., have become so common amongst us. There is only one reason for this pitiable condition. That is the nutrition deficiency.We should take sufficient antioxidants so that our cells are strong and capable of storing enough energy. In the absence of antioxidants from nutrition, the degeneration of cells will be faster and we age faster than normal leading an unhealthy life.

The leaves from the camellia sinensis have very substantial quantum of an antioxidant called catechin. The bio flavonoid epigallocatechin gallete (EGCG) in the catechin is a powerful antioxidant. When our immune system is weak, the cancer cells have built their own channel of blood supply. It is believed that the EGCG is able to induce death to the cancer cells by preventing blood supply and at the same time ensures that it doe not affect good cells. This is fundamental to restoring basic condition of our immune system.

Though catechin as such does not directly influence for any weight loss program, the sheer power to manage the immune system allows great facility for one to manage his or her weight. Of course it does not work alone. Work out is very important to ensure this works.

Having said about the health benefits, let us move on to other green tea information like dosage and sources etc.

There is no one answer regarding the dosage. This is based on the quality of tea and the purpose for which it is consumed. If one would like to take it as a beverage drink, 3-4 cups a day should give them the tea experience along with general health benefits. Also the caffeine content in it will be very insignificant causing no harm. If you would like to get the antioxidant benefit only, then the best way is to go in for extract. Approx 250 to 300 mg of EGCG per day should be sufficient. If you buy a capsule, you should ensure that the content is standardized to more than 90% catechin. In that case a 500 gm capsule should offer 250 to 300 mg of EGCG.As I said, the best source should be the leaf plant from camellia sinensis. Many people may not like the aroma of tea when made as a drink. It is better to go in for green tea extract in capsule or pills form. With so many kind of products flooded in the market, making the right choice is not easy. Nevertheless, go in for branded products which have standardized the EGCG by 55% in case you do not find any other green tea information like catechin or polyphenol.

I guarantee a reliable source Take a natural nutrition supplement called Total Balance. This has more than 70 natural herbs including the catechin from camellia sinensis. The dosage is appropriately added along with other nutrition. This ensures synergy and offers balanced approach to your immune system. I am taking this nutrition supplement for a long time and lead a healthy life. You should visit my website and I am sure you will be amazed to see the health benefits including green tea information.