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The two groups sometimes host events together, at which Stahl and Jepsen like to distribute their designs for free. It's a celebration of Brian's freedom. They searched repeatedly on Facebook until coming across a group that hosts Queer Skate Night once a month at Commonwealth Skateboarding, a shop with an indoor park in Portland. Brian Anderson. Surely the cool, creative, enlightened world of skateboarding has gotten past all that? Jay Adams went to prison for his role in instigating the fatal gay bashing of a man named Dan Bradbury in Stahl teaches visual arts at a high school in Berkeley.

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As a teenager growing up in a large family in Groton, CT, dealing with his own issues of sexuality, Anderson not only found solace in skateboarding as an outlet, but a gateway into creative a greater creative expression.

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What took us so long? It takes so many baby steps. Aside from some casually homophobic language used out of habit, not malice, skateboarders by and large have never given me shit for being gay.

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Two people came to skate, which she says she expected from hosting it an art gallery, but slowly, she is encouraging other skaters in Grand Rapids to let their guard down and be kind to one another.

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