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What could be more romantic than two equals teaming up to build their fantasy in a difficult and unjust world? It's pure fire, and a perfect team karaoke number. And then I wanted to hear that strange sound turn into a big, beautiful chord, sung by all eight of us, a split second later. It would suggest two things to me: And here I was doing the same thing to Kendrick. In general they all show up so rarely I could not pick one to call the most common or easily found.

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There are 45s with the name Rodney Dangerfield on them.

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Its walls are lined with quotes from country-music stars about how intimidated they were the first time they played the Valhalla of country music. Peaches may be the sexiest human alive, and the reason is made clear in this song, off 's Fatherfucker: Is it true that you recorded gay comedy albums in the '60s?

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Nas once wrote a song from the point of view of a gun.

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