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The prohibition of surfing gay sites on the Internet on university computers was also overturned thanks to our efforts. It features two places for gay nightlife, a European-style gay club called Real and a popular dance spot known as Frick The article was questioning the morality of the Minister. The majority is facing discrimination and rejection mainly from their families. It is illegal to be gay in the Palestinian Authority, Eli said, and the police actually employ special undercover agents that seek out gay men, whom the police then torture, kill, or force to work as prostitutes. It is against the "divine order," says the religious scholar, citing verses in the Koran that describe homosexuality as a common practice in pre-Islamic Arabia.

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Yassir explique:

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Growing up gay in Lebanon, Sherif Kanawati learned to shut out constant homophobic abuse. In Western society, homosexuality changed from being a behavior what you do to an identity who you are. Les homosexuel au Liban, solitude et vie en marge. This free script provided by JavaScr ipt Kit.

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