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I had no idea that Leonardo Da Vinci worked for the duke. In this same year, he took the young aristocratic Melzi as an assistant, and for the rest of the decade he intensified his studies of anatomy and hydraulics. Historical evidence is sketchy about the latter, and the only thing Leonardo was "flamboyant" about was his inability to finish projects he started. It must be said that often anonymous charges like this were brought against people just for a nuisance. He stayed with Leonardo for over twenty years, and appears many times in Leonardo's sketchbooks.

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Additionally, accusing someone of sodomy, in 15th century Florence, was not an infrequent tactic used to cause someone else trouble.

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Although Leonardo managed to be fairly productive in Florence, it is not surprising that he left. Artist, Inventor and Scientist. Wasserman, Jack.

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Leonardo documented everything in magnificent detail on the backs and corners of paper with tidy notes written in mirror script, from right to left.

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