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Dark is light and light is dark. June 22, at 9: The reality is life is complicated. But somehow it makes it ok to go after the Christian baker to make him. He commands his followers to LOVE.

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June 26, at 9: The issue of tolerating his personal opinions is little more than a red herring as his business is separate from his personal opinions. We all live on this planet. Using your chain of reasoning, I could easily maintain that such universally-despised figures as Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson had nothing of which to be ashamed. Bob June 21, at 1: This is the part where you get to shove my argument down my throat. NickDanger June 26, at 4:

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Swimmer Ian Thorpe proudly holds a gold medal after setting a new world record for the men's m at the Sydney Olympics Games. You are trying to change me by calling me mean spirited because I said trani lol. An actual Independent September 22, at What if you believe the milk is in the refrigerator, but what has actually happened is, your brother came along, drank the milk you believed was in the refrigerator, and replaced it with another gallon of milk? The definition of bigotry is generalized but accurate and the definition of civil rights violations is relevant. I top of it gets that far.

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