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A delayed seroma is generally abnormal, and should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon. Incisional scarring is a late complication of augmentation mammoplasty. When you're ready to speak with a surgeon about booking surgery, submit this form. Your personal information is collected and disclosed in accordance with our strict privacy policy. Male to female transsexual patients usually get some breast development from long-term hormone therapy.

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However, fibrocystic lesions such as cysts, adenosis and duct and lobular hyperplasia found in post-menopausal women were rarely observed in transgender male breast tissue [ 18 ].

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He does it with an absorbable mesh and it makes a big difference. Contact us with feedback or questions. This is because the more tissues there is over the implant the more the edges are obscured and the more natural it appears.

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Teitelbaum should perform this crucial surgery is to carefully read through this website several times.

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