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Next time someone talks to you about the Kardashians, tell them the same thing, then take a picture of their puzzled reaction with your iPhone. I assure you all, the guy is genuine. I can't touch the stupidity of this setence. Does this guy even still exist? That thread is now over replies.

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Next time I need to question the sexuality of a trafficstopper who - by a fluke of nature - swears he's gay but is not known by anyone, anyone, anyone in the gayosphere and who has no, no, no gay friends whatsoever, I will take my suspicions elsewhere other than DL

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That's just a different league There are people who are actors or models -- and thus "on" and exposed -- but who are otherwise introverted in their personal interactions with other people. If he patronizes the photographer who controls muscleartstudio. I have no idea who he is, but I can say that's the most asinine Twitter I've ever seen, and that's saying something. If he really cared about milking the gay community he would be more active and vocal in the stereotypical gay scene, and also probably hire a publicist so his name would be out there more. Yet, a closer inspection of his social media sites reveals that he hasn't once been spotted in a gay club other than perhaps working

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Darling, ripping you a new one IS the entertainment value of this thread. I have never heard of this dude til right now, a quick google search confirms he is a nobody and you are wondering why he isn't talked about? Most of the time it's the other way around. No gay friends other than an idiotized fan-base that I am sure could prove profitablezero gay voice, music tastes that would make any self-respecting gay man cringe OP is kind of creepy. Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email.

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