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You know, not living your life, that's the worst thing. Nobody could have wanted it more. Robinson says that about "a month into their relationship, [he] explained his background and his fears about his sexuality. Jesus might have been homosexual, says the first openly gay bishop. Just a week before the General Convention, Robinson had been with his daughter Jamee and held his four-hour-old first granddaughter.

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There was never a feeling of betrayal.

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Within hours, another allegation—that Robinson had "links" to a pornographic Web site—emerged. One of those exceptions was a fellow priest named Ron Prinn, whom Robinson had known and worked with for years. I don't care whether any couple, gay or straight, has sexual intimacy or not. And through it all, the absolute stillness.

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But really it's not that simple because there's levels of security you can have around you.

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