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Sad as that is, but there are a lot of self-haters out there who get off on Cody and the "fantasy" of him fucking a dude or getting fucked but if he ever crossed that line, that fantasy ends. At that point he started looking "rode hard and put away wet". Paddy O'Brien beat him by leaps and bounds by bravely letting his fuzzy tight butthole get thoroughly plowed repeatedly. Only narrow minded people lump everybody together. And not being a lech thief, trying to woo gay men with disposable income. Cody has done so many videos, been given his own site. I thought porn was supposed to be about hard dicks, passionate fucking and huge loads.

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It would just show they all do business the same way.

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Cody Cummings Meltdown: “Cancel Your Membership To

Horny passive does not resists to take it in the ass Runtime: But why those two guys in particular? He doesn't do anything off camera with them. He doesn't suck dick. NDS coddled him for years with inflated paychecks, set up his unrealistic expectations, and when they finally realized he was overpaid he retaliated. Looking for pay each week or month and a good pay percentage

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Why cant I meet you in person already man. I just saw one of those gay chat line commercials with him in it. So I shot the scene. I can't believe he came back. He may not be gay, but he does seem to enjoy man-on-man action. Meanwhile, he makes a joke of it in an earlier post about concealing his porn work from friends. True Bisexuals have romantic and sexual relationships with men and women, and are offended by people like Sam or Cody.

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