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He could never say it out loud, but he knew this is what he needed. We still wrestle several times a week. Luckily Aleck too has been dreaming of exploring his secret gayness and dominating a cutie like him. I need this training. Devon looked absolutely adorable.

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Devon fawned looking up at his Daddy, carrying him downstairs and into the kitchen.

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He sat down and embraced the boy in a big bear hug in his big strong ripped arms, hoping that his intense feelings of love and acceptance could somehow pass into Devon with enough strength and willpower. Devons legs separated as he sat through it, and felt nice and snug when his big strong daddy strapped him in tightly. At one point, while holding me face down with my leg and arm pinned, he whispered in my ear: I saw he was holding a straitjacket, which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. You need some tummy time. Nothing about it was hot.

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Daddy Aleck will always be here to make sure you are safe and protected. Notify me of new posts by email. You used to have so many hobbies, you used to enjoy drinking and going out with friends after work but that changed…. He sat back down, but as he did, he pressed his messy diapered bum against the seat, making the poopy in his diapee spread all around Devvys lower area. You should give them a big 32oz water bottle to use, and every time that they finish drinking it, fill it up again and give them a cookie, as this will reinforce the fact that drinking all that water will earn them a reward!

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