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I looked far younger than my 19 years. This boy's behind needs a really good seeing-to". I picked up the Lavalax from the pharmacy. Must dash - I've got a hernia that needs unstrangling". His voice in the earpiece almost made me jump. Listen to Sex Stories Better than reading. On Saturday I swapped places on the bath roster.

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Dando minha bunda gulosa para o lek gringo.

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His Registrar was a hunky young guy named Osbourne. There was a murmur of agreement, then a general downing of trousers and underpants. He undresses in front of me to put on his trunks. Osbourne grabbed my shoulders. I felt myself being tackled. The story continues in Part 2: This boy's behind needs a really good seeing-to".

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I was an arts student, first year at uni and poor. He cleared his throat. He was so close I could smell his aftershave. He scribbled a telephone number on a card and I took it from him. Shake the bottle", he said handing me the sheet of paper.

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