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I needed to get out—it was all closing in. Despite their suspicions, the disclosure was experienced by them as abrupt, dramatic, penetrating and dislocating. Withholding information for Patty meant she had to think of what she was trying to hide marital problems and deliver a convincing performance of the opposite marital normality. Mason B. How could I trust any memory, when it had all been built on a lie? Will everybody be looking at me, thinking it was a marriage of convenience? But looking back the worry really was just about being on my own.

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This was followed by a phase of comparing and contrasting the accounts.

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Economics and well-being of older divorced persons. One of the most significant findings, which contributes to the extant literature, was the presence and role of empathy towards their husbands in enabling the women to reconnect with them and to eventually forgive them for the injury incurred by the broken marriage. Secret romantic relationships: As with individuals separating or divorcing in mid- and later life, many felt more economically vulnerable and reported a lack of confidence and uncertainty regarding their futures [ 41 ].

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National Council on Family Relations;

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