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Read our community guidelines here. And as a crucial social institution, it involves questions of family, parentage, inheritance, gender, and — because religious institutions are deeply involved in this area — religious teaching and freedom as well. The results were controlled for time effects and there were no corresponding increases in those states without such an amendment. The meaning behind all of this is clear — reducing discrimination against LGBTI people has a definitive public health impact and marriage equality is a key part of this. As in Ontario, some of these advances have triggered backlash. Supreme Court overturned a criminal ban against sodomy.

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Same-sex marriage is a test of Australian maturity that we may not pass

Read most recent letters to the editor. Dennis Oland murder trial: Under Canadian law, a person living with HIV can be charged with aggravated sexual assault for having unprotected sex without disclosing that status. By political reporter Jackson Gothe-Snape Both houses of Parliament have backed expanded medical access for asylum seekers. However, the trouble with deeply divergent beliefs on the constitution of marriage is that they cannot remain just matters of private opinion. It's time not just to focus on who will win the marriage war, but how we are going to live with the peace.

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Dennis Oland murder trial: Will they be excluded — or exclude themselves — from civil society, or will they be able to play their part? There will be no peace until same-sex marriage is enacted in a way that can't be undone. After 14 years, we have chipped a few of the dishes we received as wedding presents. Follow us on Twitter globedebate Opens in a new window. I never thought he'd change his mind and vote yes What legal benefits do married couples have that de facto couples do not? And, for example, the more offensive activism on both sides — like singer Tim Minchin's diatribe and the anonymous anti-gay posters in Melbourne — is making things worse.

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