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This is going to sound ridiculous, but go take a few improv classes. You know what you like, the stuff that turned you on before? Spoon afterwards To a fault, most bottoms and tops will tell you that spending time together after releasing is important. Your goal should be total mind body awareness when you are topping your man, mindfully using all of your senses to truly feel him for his essence and not just for his love-box. Verbally appreciate him Ask any bottom and they will tell you that narcissistic tops are the worst. Increase your ejaculate through the help of mother nature!

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Sexy BeastLove and Sex.

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How to Top a Bottom Right: 10 Tips for Gay Men!

Ask any bottom and they will tell you that narcissistic tops are the worst. This thread is closed to new comments. The answer to this question may not reveal itself until the two of you start playing. A marathon-sex, Preparation-H, take-dick-like-a-champ bottom. And finally I agree with everyone else's advice that, like any new skill, you should fake it until you get good at it. I lack any and all refinement in my dominant technique - I'm still as quiet and passive as ever even though he's let me know that he'd like me to be more rough and dominant and vocal.

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I found The Topping Book to be a fun quick read that was also very practical and helpful. If the answer is yes and you are in the mood to top, make sure you take the time to clean yourself properly. Share the power and control dynamic One of the myths associated with being a good gay top is that you have to be the one in control. At least that would give you a bit of a script to follow. So as was said above:

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