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So common, in fact, that one hip-hop radio personality says he discussed it with his Los Angeles barber last week. Most Popular Dirty Dozen: A member of a rap group that changed hip-hop with its "philosophical rhymes over hard-core beats" who then went solo to achieve chart-topping success, eventually landing the lead in a movie. I don't have a favorite. He and hundreds of soccer moms and fabulous gays, of course. You got my money from the concerts, you got my money from when you put them albums in the stores, and it ain't gonna stop.

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I really do love it.

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Exposing Hip-Hop’s Gay Subculture

So at least one of those stories is debunked. Thank you for subscribing! Sadly, there is no cure, and the only man to blame is Andy Cohen. To get admitted into the "clique," as Dean describes it, a brother is carefully vetted, then interviewed by a person who will become his "sponsor," meaning he'll take the fall if that person screws up or goes to the press. I'll never do a reunion in the clubhouse again; we were on top of each other.

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Hey man, maybe it IS the lip gloss. It's still a fight for equality, but the gay community has never had such support and love. It wasn't hard to upgrade the reunion from season one. Says a corporate lawyer turned gossip writer for AllHipHop. After 30 years of growing popularity, rap is now struggling with an alarming sales decline and growing criticism; its sales dropped 21 percent from to Sometimes people just like pointing a finger to waste time.

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