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Masculinity and homosexuality. For Cruz, in-ring theatrics now come with a new series of questions. This can be attributed to the fact Science and Society accessed 3 April After the fight, sitting behind a conference table, sunglasses on and beaming, he admits that the interviews and the weight loss affected his balance and mobility.

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Three hours before, though, it doesn't matter how fraternal Pazos will feel in that incongruous joint space after a fight, where two men with marked and swollen faces pretend that haven't spent a significant portion of their last two hours raining violence on one another.

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Ramakers seems to be an agnostic on the subject, which is odd given the amount of play he gives it. But not with a name like Touko. Not in Tomland. When the fight is over, and Cruz has won, the media circus will resume, and he will answer questions about whether making weight made him have trouble feeling his legs; whether the crowd was with him; why he kept resetting his feet after combos and never quite put away Pazos, despite ample opportunities; and, of course, whether he fought harder for gay men everywhere.

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Read, 12—

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