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Only a few countries seem to have a prohibition sometimes only fitfully applied on entering with an Israeli stamp in your passport. On the screen appeared a picture of a handsome man, sitting in a cafe. Not many things changed after my father's coming out. He spoke in French so he could talk freely with them about anything he wanted without us understanding what was going on. I sat on the couch and tried to process my new life. But now I sometimes feel great concern for my dad that I never had before. Then, after moments of hanging around uncomfortably, my mother left and my father went upstairs.

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While we hopefully end up in the same place of honesty and happiness, there is no "one sure way" to get there.

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We just got on with our lives, away from our father's personal life. Human trafficking is a major industry. I went upstairs and found my father behind his computer.

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Thankfully, four years after he came out to us, he told us about a secret boyfriend he'd had for a while, and we were nothing but happy for him.

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