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Thank you fo rtaking your time and reading my ad today. I think that the most disturbing is how long and drawn out some of the scams can be. A month later I get a text from him saying he just got a phone and he was sorry I left and didn't see him as he got out. Really looking forward to read more. I know going in and looking into ppls private business isnt the best way to go about getting the scammers, but in the other thought I had is that they are in prison so they have lost mostly all of their privacy, which is bad.

Some of which played the game very well Unknowingly what i was getting myself into but broke and heart broken.

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The universe isn’t indifferent; we are an opportunity for the universe to care about itself

A little about me: His family just wasn't interested in bringing him home paying. Keep this in mind I have visited 4 guys here in Va and one in NC. In Bernard's own words: Are there any signs of when they are scammimg you? All the other's, oh hell yes they did their best to use me.

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Based on the depth of our friendship now I would be surprised if he left my life ever but I doubt that we would be that fantasy romance on his coming home. I'm what a true friend should be: Some of my favorite past times are: Now I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with me! I hope when you read this ad and see my picture your day will be that much brighter. I'd like to know people who wants me to listen to their story.