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It was actually a real shock to face such vitriol and rejection from that part of the church when I came out, back in The global church changed its mind when it formerly opposed William Wilberforce and the ending of slavery. Cast these devils out of you! So I signed with HarperCollins and began writing the memoir. You can only enter a civil partnership, and you must vow to remain celibate within it.

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What does your life look like now, four years on from your coming-out announcement?

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Overall that makes for a very varied portfolio of work, as I rebuild a new career to replace the one I lost in church music. I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people. I hope books like mine can help spark the conversation and change minds and hearts. Fortunately for Haseltine, not all fans spoke out against his opinion — in fact, he received a lot of support. I hope my book can help change minds and hearts and bring greater awareness. I remain hopeful though! We speak to you demon of homosexuality:

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I hope books like mine can help spark the conversation and change minds and hearts. Cast these devils out of you! But when she came out eight years later, many fans shunned her. How did that negative reaction make you feel? Other people demanded that I return the music awards I had received.

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