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Disney paid the fees, but stated that since it was not a class-action suit, it only applied to the two men. The same waiter brought them a menu and talked to them. The question is whether to support the upcoming "Night of Joy" Christian music festival, he said, or boycott it and hurt the artists. Once the association was cemented, they contacted Disney, arranged a date, and after meeting the minimum requirement of guests, closed the deal. Therefore, even with their large numbers, it is easy to avoid any attractions that are developing longer waits due to the extra guests.

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As of approximatelyLGBT people, their families, friends and supporters attended the six-day gathering including various pool parties, conventions, festivals, a business expo, activities for kids, etc. Yippy Day — August 6, While these unofficial Disney Days generally go off without a hitch, August 6,didn't go quite so smoothly. Well, I asked myself, "What in the world did this woman expect?

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