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Gay and lesbian friendly cruises: Oh, and then my 3 year old got randomly selected for a detailed security inspection. For over 30 years, RSVP has created fabulous experiences for our community, bringing people together from all walks of life to celebrate who we are in new and unexpected ways. Thomas - we went to Magen's Bay. I know many of you have been there, and the prices are quite good, especially liquor. Buy your quota early as they'll deliver the order back on the ship in plenty of time. San Juan was quite nice.

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On Carnival Dream, when my daughter asked for apple slices for dessert, we were told it was not on the menu.

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We chose to ride the skidoos which were alot of fun. There were also a few events were complimentary champagne sparkling wine was given out. You can tell them how hot or mild you would like it. We invited my college room mate and wife to join us and spent the better part of planning shore excursions via E-mail and destination research travel books. Here's Holland America's response to me:

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Then, you had to wait in another line for coffee. It is clear that was not the case, and I must admit that Holland America has shown an outstanding care for its customers, that is in line with the overall excellent service I got on board. I want people to know what they might be getting into and hopefully spare one person from getting as sick as I did. The breakfast choices were great, and the waffles were hot. March 3, Mauro. The kids loved them. From the beginning of ship's disembarkation process to our getting to rental car just outside of Ft.

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