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This was a small triumph for those who were uneasy about slavery, but it had no practical effect. Courts disagreed about what this meant, and Congress eventually gave up trying to clarify it. The exact dates of its existence are not known, but it operated Retrieved Smith Other nongovernmental subjects of petition drives include corporate personnel decisions.

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This excerpt from a comment I contributed a couple of days ago to the discussion below may be clarifying:

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Cohen —and only if the other state had authority to decide the case in the first place. This precedent was not overturned until the case of Puerto Rico v. Besides celebrating the undeniably pro-slavery provisions, they asserted that one of the fundamental privileges of American citizens was the right to travel, and even stay for long periods of time, anywhere in the Union with their enslaved human property. The Guarantee Clause requires the United States to guarantee to the states a republican form of government, and provide protection from foreign invasion and domestic violence.

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Disputes over these matters split the American Anti-Slavery Society inleaving Garrison and his supporters in command of that body; his opponents, led by the Tappans, founded the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.

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