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Namespaces Article Talk. Elected as a state representative in Massachusetts as an open lesbian, Elaine turned her back on her gay activ- ist comrades and actually joined forces with the anti-gay lynch mob. I'm sure they are well aware of the torment one can go through when charged with a serious criminal offence. Ontario's censors let it all by with nary a cut - but did rate it ' 'Adult Accompaniment. Asked if he wasn't concerned about locking out long-time employees, Bolter retorted, "Don't be stupid. It has spied on a wide range of political activities, extending its espionage web to the extent of maintaining files on one out of every 15 adults in this country, and lied to civilian authorities to whom it is sup- posedly responsible.

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Help make this first bi-national anthology a powerful reflection of our culture! Any government seriously concerned to preserve democracy would make it clear to police forces that gays form a legitimate element of Canadian society, and that being lesbian or homosexual is not a crime. While this process has taken its toll in both cities, Lesbian Resistance and Lesbians Against the Right seem to have emerged stronger than ever. The woman, who already had a broken wrist, said the police also took her painkillers away from her for the four hours she was kept in the station.

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The French and Dutch govern- ments are also expected to speak out on the issue.