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Addiction treatment experts recognize that the treatments more likely to result in long-term recovery for all populations include medically supported detox and rehab, along with therapeutic methods and support mechanisms to help individuals learn to manage their recovery in the months and years following rehab. Join the Healthcare Professionals Network to read more pieces like this. You do not have to look to alcohol as a solution anymore. Honesty reinforces your self-respect and helps you feel proud of who you are. To settle my nerves I drank some wine and, as if by magic, all was well. Contact Verify Benefits Assessment. Recover from Alcohol Abuse with Monarch Shores If you are tired of the way alcohol makes you feel, and the damage it is doing to your life, then get in contact.

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Counseling to address many of the painful issues that one may have experienced or is still experiencing can help to alleviate some of the exacerbating factors contributing to substance abuse.

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Gay Drug Rehab: Addiction Treatment for the LGBT Community

Withdrawal from alcohol is also the main reason many addicts never stop. Continue Reading Partying to Death: Research suggests that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals are at greater risk for substance use and mental health issues compared with the sexual majority population that identifies as being heterosexual. LGBTQ persons who have experienced multiple forms of discrimination are four times more likely to develop some type of substance abuse disorder. Does the rehab offer aftercare?

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Dealing with depression, anxiety, and guilt that stem from sexual orientation or gender identity. Finding the perfect treatment is only one phone call away! Honesty reinforces your self-respect and helps you feel proud of who you are. Treatment — Monarch Shores is capable of addressing addiction through multiple approaches. We understand the unique problems LGBTQ community members faceand how those issues can lead to drug addiction. Get Started or call

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