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Let's join these people in celebrating Obama instead. My name is Jeb and I am a slave on a cotton plantation, I live with my woman called Portia and my child called Lil Mary, she being so tiny an all, life is hard but good for us slaves, master Johnson up in the big house is good to us all, well as good as a white master can be to his slaves, but his no good white trash overseer is hard and cruel, they call him Butler, he thinks nothing to whipping any of us slaves for the least lil thing and if in he's in a bad mood or got a hangover, then you best steer well clear of him 'cause that's when the bastard is at his meanest, and you better damn well hope your woman or man is not anywhere near him when he gets a pestering mood on him, cause he just takes what he damn well pleases, and if in you puts up a fight, well that suits him even better, he likes it 'feisty and hot' as he calls it, we niggers call it rape! Design 13 Jun. The Mayo family hoped to have their family portraits taken at a plantation to show respect for their ancestral journey. Id never seen a guy with such a hairy ass as his was, I couldn't even see his pucker, but my cock will soon find it, yes sir! Greek Gods Go Gay: The Lord and the Manservant - Lord Martin is unsure of his sexuality, and of what role men like him are allowed to play in Victorian England.

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Random Me and Mike - Part 1 "I dashed towards the toilets, rushed into a cubicle, locked the door, threw off my towel, grabbed my throbbing cock and started wanking with as much speed and ferocity as I could muster" This is a story about the most beautiful guy in the world that I met at a summer camp - the rest of the story will follow later

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